We areĀ IBI.
For brands that move. Always be moving.
We are here for the ambitious ones. The brands that want to leave a mark and reinvent themselves along their path.
To us, marketing is like a spaceship. Every journey requires a custom plan, components that fit like a charm and a precisely set target. We like to think that we are quite good at building spaceships.

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Who we are A team of 9 forward-thinking young professionals.
How we work Flexibility is at our core. We experiment and reinvent.
What we do We love branding, strategy, web, social, video and print.
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Fransestraat 29
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People are at our core. We work with flexible teams for the best result. Risks do not scare us, they excite us. They inspire us to create something new that people will remember.




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Why we built the Content Manager 14-03-2015 #content #contentmarketing #website High quality content is more important than ever. Content is at it's best when it comes straight from our clients. We know our clients love to share their stories and ideas, but complicated Content Management Systems are often a high threshold.

We want to empower our clients to share their stories, wherever and whenever they want. That's why we designed and developed the IBI Content Manager; a dead simple tool that we tailor to the needs of each customer. We provide each client with the right tools when they need them and don't bother them with distractions. Best of all: it works on any device! So when you get that bright idea while biking to work please (park your bike and) share that thought.

Want to learn more, see more or get a personal demo? Email lars@ibimarketing.nl.
We are proud to present your our new logo! 20-03-2014 #logo #branding The new IBI logo represents a strong, upright, chameleon and visualises endless flexibility. IBI stands for a continues movements and our new brand identity give us the matching visuals. We aim to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients and help them to re-define their marketing strategy in an ongoing process.

what we made


De Verlichting
De Verlichting: helping social organizations shape their future.

Our work: branding, brand identity, marketing strategy, website, email marketing, print and eBooks.
Kadangas: Fair Trade webshop and international charity.

Our work: marketing strategy, website and online shop.
Magalunas: a charming B&B on a unique location.

Our work: brand identity, marketing strategy, website, print and on-site promotion.
Walhalla: the books with the stories we didn't tell.

Our work: website and online shop.
De Lage Hof
De Lage Hof: museum, meeting point, activity center and healthcare solution.

Our work: brand identity and website.

get to know us


Chris Zanen

User Interaction Designer User Interaction design with a critical mindset. Believes that things can always be improved.

Lars van Susteren

Founder & Managing Director Creative, strategic and opportunistic. Started IBI in 2011. Finds inspiration in every culture.

Tom Niemantsverdriet

Web developer
Reads, writes and dreams in code. Develops our websites and webapps.

Nele van den Berghe

Turns letters into words and words into power. Fluent in English, German, Russian, Serbian and Dutch.

Roel Middelkamp

Financial manager
Understands numbers like nobody else. Makes our financial matters a smooth ride.

Manon Toma

Graphic designer Designs by simplifying. Talks in pictures, not words.

Stijn Schouten

Art director
Illustrates, designs and animates. Stijn creates a visual solution for every issue.

Vincent de Wit

App Developer
Lives in the app world. Develops for iOS, Mac and Android. Always thinks forward.

Tom Pijnappel

Art & Motion Graphic Designer
Tells stories with animation. Motion graphic designer with a refreshing vision.

Simone van den Berg

Photographer Photography makes brands come to life. Simone transforms concepts into vivid images.

Benjamin de Kruijf

Web designer & developer Designs and develops. Knows all about Wordpress.

Fynn Smaak

Graphic & Interaction Designer Always designs with the end-user in mind. His goal is to make every interaction and process as intuitive as possible.

Kevin Canales

Video Producer & Editor Plans, shoots and edits touching videos that tell a true story. From video portraits to event coverage, he will inspire you with film.

Wouter Florijn

Web developer Every device makes you experience a website differently. Wouter develops an optimal experience for every type of smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Karlijne Jansen

Graphic designer Karlijne transforms every concept into a visually surprising design.

Gideon Volkers

Financial manager Numbers can be confusing. Gideon helps us understand them and allows us to make the best of every day.

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